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Re-piping is the process of replacing the piping system of a building. Whittier plumbers near me completely changing the drainage system and installing new pipes to it.

Reasons for re-piping

Rusty colored water

Old pipes may have accumulated large amounts of rust over the years. This rust therefore dissolves in the water and causes the water to turn brownish. This means that the water coming out from these pipes is not fit for human consumption. To avert this problem therefore a complete overhaul of the system must be done and it can only be done by changing the pipes of the entire system.

Pinhole and Massive leaks

The existing pipes may experience a serious burst in many sections of the drainage system. If the burst is located in many areas of the system,it is not worth it to repair only the parts that may have burst. A complete change of the pipes must therefore be done to avoid future occurrences and to solve the problem for the last time.

Remodeling of a construction

Sometimes you need to change the model of a building because of many things. A construction consist of the drainage system, therefore in case a building model is being changed the drainage system must be changed also in accordance with the new model of the building.

Improving the quality of pipes in your home

One may be staying in a house whose drainage system was done in the 1970 s these pipes obviously have worn out. Therefore, a person needs to change this drainage pipes in order to install new and high quality ones. To make this happen one need to remove the low quality drainage pipes and replace them.

Poor water pressure

In case you realize the pressure in your taps have reduced significantly it is caused by the accumulation of clogs in your drainage pipes which reduces the pressure in the water. This accumulation of clog may be all along the drainage system and thus cannot be corrected by using chemicals or other de clogging tools. To correct this one must change the piping system in his home.

Lead pipes

Some pipes from the olden days were made of lead. Lead can be detrimental to your health especially to children who are 5 years and below. When pipes are made of lead, it tends to dissolve in drinking water when the water is not moving, because it can dissolve in running water. This means that you and your family will be consuming lead whenever you take a glass of water. This can result to detrimental health complications in the future.