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Slab leak is among the high ranking problems in homes today where you need to call one of the plumbing contractors in Whittier or simply put slab leak is a leak that occurs in the water pipes under the foundation or concrete slab on which your home lays.

Signs of a slab leak

Sound of running water when water source is off. Slabs are mostly located underground so it’shard to see while they leak. When the water drainage valves are closed the slab should not make any noise. Sound of running water therefore means the slab is passing water.

Hot spot on the ground. When the drainage is of hot water like shower water, in case of a leak the ground will absolve the hot water making it have increased temperatures. This will therefore be a good sign of slab leakage.

Cracks in walls or floors. In case of a slab leak or damage the floors tend to crack because of the pressure exerted after the leak.

Excessive moisture under the carpets. When the slab leaks it discharges the contents in it. The contents which is mostly water thus making the carpet wet.

High water bills. To find out if the slab leaks can be a hard nut to crack thus high water bills can be a symptom. When a slab leaks it discharges the water making one to get losses.

How to find a slab leak

Finding a slab leak can be a great deal of work if done manually, one shouldn’t dig or dismantle your properties trying to find out where the problem is. Below are some of the method of finding out exactly where the problem is:

Use of modern technological tools. This new modern tools use sound amplification and electromagnetic technology. They locate precisely where the problem is so that there is no disruption of property which would otherwise cause great losses.

How to repair a slab leak

Spot repair

After one has spotted the problem one should open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair the leaking pipes. In this method the pipes are cut where the leak is and the piece is replaced this method is cost effective and saves a lot of time and money.

Repipe or reroute

Repipe means replacing the pipes from the leaking ones to new ones, reroute subsequently means changing where the pipes have been laid. This is done when the plumbing line has had a history of leaking. If the pipes have completely broken down its advisable to replace the pipes. If the pipes have a history of breaking it might be the topography of the route they are laid.

Epoxy pipe coating

This is a technology which uses highly effective forced air lining process that completely coats the inside of copper or galvanized pipe. It is best suited to a system with small leaks that makes normal repair cost costly.